Introduction to Order Profiling

Here is an overview of what files are included in the Order Profiling ZIP file:

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  4. CM_OFC_Order_Profiling_HW_Data.xls

This classroom module demonstrates the relationship between historical order data and the order profiles that are used to design/modify distribution centers by providing PowerPoint presentation resources and homework exercises for the classroom.

To effectively design a distribution center, it is important to have a clear picture of what is needed from the facility. This includes information about the products that will be stored in the facility and the orders that need to be filled by the facility. To create a picture of the orders that distribution center will be filling, the problem is usually not a lack of data, but too much undigested data. A distribution center can quickly accumulate hundreds of thousands of orders in a historical database, which can be overwhelming. Designers can then use the combined profiles to select the appropriate equipment for storage and picking and to set up the layout of the facility.

The classroom module describes how the relevant order data is summarized to generate various order profiles. Then, examples of how those profiles would be used are discussed, including some of the design decisions that would be made based on the shape of the profile.

The module does not discuss in detail how to design a distribution center based on the order profiles. There are many factors that need to be taken into account when developing a design and this level of detail is beyond the scope of this module. However, after using this classroom module, students should be capable of creating basic profiles and discussing the facility’s operation requirements with the distribution center designer.

A file containing answers to the homework questions will be provided by CICMHE to qualified instructors by request to . Please reference this module in your email and provide a link to your faculty webpage or other proof of instructor status.

This module was developed by Dr. Dale Masel through support provided by the Order Fulfillment Solutionsindustry group and was approved by CICMHE in September 2008.

Categories: Facility Layout and Network Design, Logistics and Transportation
Purpose: Classroom Modules