Number of AGVs: An Experiential Learning Based Exercise

By using this module, students will learn about automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and AGV Systems (AGVS). In particular, after being introduced to AGV technology, the students will be presented with analytical models to determine the number of AGVs needed in an AGVS. A computerized decision-support tool that implements the analytical models can then be used to reinforce the models and/or to solve large problems. A case study is included for application of the models and decision-support tool.

The lecture resources can be used over two 75-minute lecture periods to introduce AGVS and the analytical models to determine the number of AGVs in a system. The computerized tool and case study can be introduced in a third lecture (and can be modified only to consider the AGV aspect of the case). Each part of the case should take approximately a week or one week and a half for the students to complete.

Here is an overview of what files are included in the AVG ZIP file:

  1. AGV Overview Presentation: AGV Presentation.ppt
  2. AGV Overview Presentation Handouts: AGV Presentation.pdf
  3. AGV Overview Video: AGVS_HI.wmv
  4. Overview to Determining the Number of AGVs in a System: AGV_Example.pdf
  5. Models to Determine the Number of AGVs in a System: numveh.pdf
  6. AGV Decision-Support Tool: AGVDST.xls
  7. AGV-DST Overview Presentation: AGV DST.ppt
  8. AGV-DST Overview Presentation Handouts: AGV DST Pres.pdf
  9. AGV-DST Training Manual: AGVDST_Manual.pdf
  10. Case Study – “Teen Fashion Center: Automated Material Handling”: Case.ppt
  11. Case Study – Instructor’s Analysis for AS/RS: ASRS Model.xls
  12. Case Study – Instructor’s Analysis for AGV: AGV Analysis.xls

This module was developed by Dr. Russell Meller and Dr. Brett Peters and approved by CICMHE in April 2005.

Categories: Automation, Material Handling, MH/Supply Chain Software
Purpose: Classroom Modules