Transport Equipment


Transport Equipment is used to move material from one location to another (e.g., between workplaces, between a loading dock and a storage area, etc.). The major subcategories of transport equipment are conveyors, cranes, and industrial trucks. Material can also be transported manually using no equipment.

Path: Fixed — move between two specific points
Variable — move between a large variety of points
Area: Restricted — move restricted to a limited area
Unrestricted — unlimited area of movement
Move frequency: Low — low number of moves per period, or intermittent moves
High — high number of moves per period
Adjacent move: Yes — move is between adjacent activities
No — move is between activities that are not adjacent

Transport Equipment Characteristics
Path Fixed Variable
Area Restricted Restricted Unrestricted
Frequency High Low High Low
Adjacent Yes No
Equipment Category Conveyor Conveyor Industrial Truck/Crane Industrial Truck Crane Industrial Truck